• Creative Engineer inspired by Artistic Inclination and Technical Innovation
  • Applying latest Technologies, Creativity and Innovation at work
  • Developing Cool Demos, Rapid Prototypes & MVPs to Showcase Creative & Innovative Ideas
  • Strong Supporter of Creative Artist Communities for Film, Music, Photography, Animation & Visual Art
  • Hands-on Expertise working on Multimedia & Creative Technology projects, that include Audio + Video + Image + Text + Dialogs
  • Started career in 2002 with AI + ML to solve Text Mining and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) problems, gradually moving into Speech + Dialogs, and more recently [ Audio + Video + Image ] = Multimedia domain
  • Passionate about building Creative & Immersive Technology for the Next Generation of Media Professionals and Creative Artists, through the combination of AI / ML + AR / VR / XR + 3D Animation and Computer Graphics
  • Love to collaborate with Creative and Artistic folks who share the same passion and vision for Media & Entertainment Technology
  • Using this platform to share my latest discoveries, work-in-progress and experimental prototypes