Facial Expressions

Detecting Facial Expressions of Comedians

Captures facial landmark points using OpenCV + DLib library in Python

Raj Kapoor Expressions from Shri 420
Jim Carrey Shots taken from Liar Liar

Real-Time Face Tracking with TensorFlow.JS

Captures live stream from camera and runs TensorFlow.JS FaceMesh model to capture facial landmark points in real-time..

Animate Facial Expressions into 3D Characters

Implemented using Lens Studio from Snap Chat.. Uses AI + ML models to track head movements and facial landmark points from live camera stream, to capture and mimic person’s facial expressions into 3D animated characters..

Live Theater Masks

Capturing facial expressions into 3D Face Mask

Face Painting

Augmenting live person face with image textures

Celebrity Face-Swap

Augmenting live person face with celebrity faces

Spooky Halloween with TensorFlow.JS Face-Mesh

Using TensorFlow.JS Face-Mesh to create scary horror faces without make-up