Converting Still Photos into Talking Videos

Here, the still pictures of famous Hollywood actors on the left automatically “lip-sync” the dialog from Shri-420 in the centre to produce the output video on the right..

Converting Still Photos into Talking Animated Characters

Here, I first converted still pictures of famous actors into Anime Characters like this:

And then applied Deep Fake Image Animation to create talking Animated Characters to lip-sync with the actor in the reference video (center) :

Final Output:

Only the first video from Shri-420 is real, and used as a reference for generating animations. The rest are all fake or artificially generated by the neural-network.

Applying Deep Fake on Postal Stamps, Currency Notes and Print Ads

The same clip from above (Shri-420) is used as a reference to animate photos on currency notes, postal stamps and printed ads..

Deep Nostalgia: Bringing Back to Life

Animating photos using single image with MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia: Childhood Memories

Animating childhood photos using Deep Nostalgia from MyHeritage